Craig Morton was resigned to going through the motions of life. As a successful realtor, husband and father, he felt trapped in monotony.

“On a superficial level, our life was good. We looked great on Facebook. But in reality, I was anxious and frustrated all the time. I felt uncertainty in my marriage,” Craig explained. “Everything was so serious all the time. We never had fun anymore. We needed more out of life.”

Craig and his wife explored dozens of solutions, from therapists to coaches to self-help programs. Nothing seemed to offer the immersive transformation they were desperate to find.

When we found Jean-Paul’s program

it just made sense.

“There was an enormous level of trust I felt from our first conversation.
Seeing the testimonials his other clients shared, it all pointed to a peaceful, happy,
playful, successful life. And that’s exactly what we wanted.”


Although Craig and his wife initially approached Jean-Paul about repairing and revitalizing their marriage, the benefits had far-reaching effects in every area of their lives. In just a few months, his business revenue grew 300%, surpassing the entire prior year’s total earnings. His anxiety melted away. His confidence level soared, allowing him to close more deals and grow his reputation as his area’s leading real estate agent.


I have completely transformed my business

since working with Jean-Paul.

“Our monthly sales have tripled. Everyone is making loads of money. The atmosphere in my company has organically improved as I have leveled up my entire self. People are happy, inspired, they want to come to work and want to grow with me. I am just so thankful.”



Jean-Paul’s methodology when working with couples is vastly different from traditional couples therapy. There are no joint sessions. Instead, each partner participates in intensive 1:1 sessions with Jean-Paul, turning the focus inward rather than dwelling on the actions and behaviors of the other.

Each person discovers their internal, hidden power. In no time, they are each existing as the best possible version of themselves, leaning into their exponential greatness. Clients report feeling that the last puzzle piece of their fullest potential has been put into place.

“My wife and are having fun again. We’re giggling. We’re acting like newlyweds. The most impactful part of Jean-Paul’s work is that we did the work on ourselves, separately. We didn’t have to fix our marriage, we had to fix ourselves,” Craig shared. “I found love, compassion, confidence, all the necessary components to become the best version of myself. It naturally made me a better person. How could she not like me more when I’m happier, more caring, calmer, more patient? It’s inevitable.”

Craig described Jean-Paul’s process as magical. It is entirely unique, created in line with Jean-Paul’s extraordinary brilliance, insight and enlightened state. Each session is fully and precisely tailored to the individual. Jean-Paul has a 100% success rate, working with the planet’s most successful billionaires, world-changing leaders and enormously influential innovators.



After the very first meeting, Craig noticed a vast improvement in his attitude and outlook on life. The transformation that happens after just a few short weeks of working with Jean-Paul is enormous.

“I’ve had coaches who give you no end date to working together. It’s just an endless rehashing of the same things over and over again. With Jean‑Paul, I saw results right away.”

“I was changing faster than the world around me, and I felt so, so different. I would go into situations knowing that I was going to achieve a certain outcome. It felt like I could predict and handle anything the environment threw at me. If you complete this program you will be performing at your best all the time. You wake up in the morning and just feel utter freedom in the knowledge that the world is yours for the taking.”



Every aspect of Craig’s life has been elevated to the highest possible level: his marriage, his relationship with his son, his business. His health has improved in miraculous ways, seemingly overnight, and his mind is clearer and more focused than he ever thought possible.

“Jean-Paul makes having it all real, achievable and easy. When you work with him, the possibilities are truly endless.”




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